the adore

Kevin Kinsella is a writer and translator living in Brooklyn. His translation of Osip Mandelshtam's Tristia is now available through Green Integer Books.

Selected Writing:

"The Last American Gentleman" (Eyeshot)
"Sins With Wine" (Pindeldyboz)
"Words Fall Out of My Head" (Word Riot)
"She Was Almost There" (Identity Theory)
"Ten Things You Used to Be Able to Get Away With in Grade School but You Probably Can’t Get Away With at Work" (Yankee Pot Roast)
"The Human Repopulation Project" (Uber)
"Lunch Hour(s)" (Word Riot)
"Metropolitan Diary" (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)
"Greenpoint Honky Tonk" (Uber)


"Seven Poems by Sasha Chernyi" (Archipelago)
"Sorrow" (Leonid Martynov)
"Six Poems by Osip Mandelshtam"(Archipelago)
"Five Poems by Osip Mandelshtam" (The Drunken Boat)